Month: December 2009

Goal Setting Welcome 2010

2010 New Year Resolution: get thinking about EXACTLY what you want to achieve, and once you have a clear picture in your mind, think about it constantly and create plans to make it happen. Setting goals is step #1, but then you’ve got to have a plan and TAKE ACTION, they will not happen unless you work for it. Successful… Read more →

Downward Facing Dog

Downward dog The downward dog is one of the most widely recognised yoga poses and has much to offer any athlete, especially those involved in running or high-impact sports, where tight hamstrings and spinal tension can impede performance. However, as well as stretching and strengthening the body, this pose can also be used to rejuvenate and invigorate the body, as… Read more →

Fitness FAQs

Fitness FAQs 1. What are the main benefits of exercising? 2. How often should I exercise? 4. How can I maximize my metabolism through exercise? 5. What are mobility based exercises and how will this help me with exercising? 6. Why is it important to warm up and cool down in a workout? 8. How can I increase my flexibility?… Read more →

Diet FAQs

Diet FAQs 1. What is BMI? 3. Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? 4. How can I achieve my 5 a day? 5. How important is water for good health? 6. How can I prevent dehydration? 7. Why do we need carbohydrate in our diet? 8. What are healthy carbohydrates? 9. How can I increase my… Read more →

Who Should Eat Breakfast?

The simple answer to this question is everybody. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. If someone were to suggest to you that as part of your regular nutritional intake you should go without food for 15 to 16 hours regularly; you would almost certainly consider them a crank. However for a lot of people in… Read more →


Press-ups/Push-ups A fresh look at one of the old favourites – press-ups/push-ups. As recent research indicates that the press-up action can  and should – be tailored to the requirements of your sport. It may seem strange to feature such a common exercise as press-ups in ‘exercise of the month’ – after all, who has never  one a press-up at some… Read more →

Ab Curl-up

The ab curl-up Just because this is one of the most commonly- performed trunk exercises don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy. Poor technique compromises the effectiveness of the exercise, so it is worth checking that you are able to do it perfectly. Muscles involved: Rectus abdominis, obliques. Benefits: An effective exercise for recruiting the rectus abdominis muscle and increasing… Read more →

Training Equipment

All that is available to achieve your goals: Books – Education is key Fitness Testing Equipment Maltron Body Composition Analyser Harpenden Calipers Ab Wheel Body Bars Jump Ropes Resistance Bands Resistance Tubes Plyometrics Ladders-Cones-Markers Plyo Boxes Medicine Balls Heavy Ropes Sled Dumbells Grip ropes Gymnastics rings 50ltr Beer Keg (Empty) Kettlebells Professional Grade 4kg-32kg Metal Chains Olympic Bar and Bumper… Read more →

Correct Breathing

Correct Breathing is the Base for a Healthier Life Life starts and ends by taking a breath and it is obvious that we should fill out lives with good breathing habits. Our bodies needs a lot of oxygen to function properly and to help discard waste products like carbon monoxide. Every cell in our body actually needs lots of oxygen. Today… Read more →

Top choices of Foods

My Top choices of Foods Natural starchy carbohydrates and whole grains 1. Oatmeal (old fashioned) 2. Quinoa 3. Brown rice 4. Sweet potatoes 5. Multi grain hot cereal (mix of barley, oats, rye, quinoa, splet.) 6. White potatoes (baked) 7. Whole wheat bread 8. Whole wheat pasta 9. Beans (various great for healthy chili recipes) 10. Buckwheat Vegetables 1. Broccoli… Read more →