Month: August 2010


Good Food Choice Bad Food Choice Whole, natural foods Processed foods (containing added sugar, trans-fats, etc.) Fiber-rich snacks, such as Almonds Processed foods (containing added sugar, trans-fats, etc.) Nuts/Almonds Chips, cookies, treats, brownies, donuts, pretzels, etc. Fruit Soda, juice, candy, etc. Vegetables French fries; Any deep-fried side dish or appetizer Extra serving of vegetables Extra serving of starchy carbohydrates Lean… Read more →

Overcoming Common Exercise Barriers

Overcoming Common Exercise Barriers – THE EXCUSE LIST BLAH BLAH BLAH Health and fitness make sense. Yet, when faced with actually being more physically active, most people can come up with scores of excuses, concerns, and worries. These barriers can prevent us from even taking the first step. Here are some common barriers and possible solutions: “I don’t have enough… Read more →