See If You Qualify!

So Where to I Sign Up

Want Valentine To Train You? …See If You Qualify!

Prospective clients must be willing to:

Engage in a training programme with Valentine personally minimum of two times a week for at least 12 weeks to see real lasting results.

Engage in a 30-45 minutes home training programme designed by Valentine AT LEAST 3 days a week.

If it’s speedy weight loss and ACCELERATED fat loss that you want you will HAVE to follow a simple set of dietary guidelines and for AT LEAST the minimum of 66 days of the programme.

Follow Valentine’s advice and guidance WITHOUT DEVIATION for the first 66 days of the programme.

Put forth 100% effort and commitment and maintain a ‘CAN DO’ attitude toward attaining YOUR goals. YOU really can and YOU MUST.

These prerequisites are all or nothing.

Valentine will not entertain negotiations of any kind around these terms. They’re all or nothing.

Please understand, this is not done to deliberately preclude people, rather to prevent them wasting their money or feeling disappointed by not achieving their goals.

At £70 (more affordable block booking packages available for) an hour Valentine is easily one of the most expensive results- personal trainer/coach in the Leeds West Yorkshire area and would not have anyone waste that money due to lack of commitment on their part from the outset of their time with him.

If after reading this you’re still interested in working with Valentine to achieve great results in your health, fitness or other performance related areas of your life then by all means contact him directly at