What Is An Average Session?

What Will I Experience in a Typical Session at Valentine Rawat Personal Training?


We get asked that a lot and, to be honest, it’s a really difficult question to answer because each of our sessions are designed to fit the unique requirements of our clients, their unique goals and the unique ways that their bodies are put together.

That said, our training sessions do tend to follow a theme so, as long as you understand that this is just to give you a rough idea of what to expect, here’s an ‘average’ 60 minute session structure.


5-10 Minutes – Dynamic Mobility Warmup & Muscle Activation:

Dynamic Mobility Warm and Muscle Activation warms up the whole body and mobilises joints. Muscle Activation comes in to play where most of our clients come to us with postural distortions caused by muscle imbalances, injuries and other complications that stop them getting the best from their bodies and slows down the results.


40-50 Minutes – Strength and Conditioning:


This is where it gets tough to explain how your training session might look.

For some people it’ll be mostly corrective exercises to help them with their rehab of an injury, for others it’ll be body-weight training, others may be working with dumbbells,  resistance bands, kettlebells, sandbags, sports specific training while others still might be doing boxing, kickboxing or martial arts.

It all depends on the goals. They may be doing ALL of this in one workout! It will always be varied, high intensity and functional movements.

Whatever they’re doing though, you can be sure that they’ll be working on a program that’s been built to bring them results in the fastest, safest manner possible.

5-10 Minutes – Cooldown Maintenance Stretches

We end every one of our personal training sessions with at least 5 minutes of hands-on stretching to ensure that your body is ‘reset’ to the right position before you leave us and to minimise  the aches, pains and stiffness that’s normal associated with working out. There is also a major focus on Breathing at this point of the session.  We not only breath in oxygen but also life energy (Qi or Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Mana in India)

Our clients love this, as will you when you experience it for yourself.


That’s It… You Can Go Home… Empowerment sessions is Over for Now!

As you can see, this is a very complete and well thought out approach to training.

Absolutely nothing is missing from the sessions. During the time you’re with us you’ll be coached on your nutrition and lifestyle and reminded about your goals too, so every single session becomes a major advance in the direction of your goals rather than ‘just a workout’.

This is why we’re able to achieve more in terms of results than any other personal training company around.

We simply leave nothing to chance.

You deserve nothing less, right?