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Leeds Personal Trainer, Leeds Fitness, Leeds gym“When I had my very first session with Val I was a little apprehensive as it was something I’d never done before – personal training. To me this was for either the very rich, the self obsessed or a bit of both. How wrong was I! Valentine made me realise that exercise isn’t a dirty word that in fact it can be fun and by the way you get some really good results too.  So twice a week I would meet with Val for one hour and we had fun, it’s his ability to help you keep focussed, motivated, interested that made it all feel so worthwhile. It was affordable and I lost weight, became fitter, felt happier. Not bad eh? Call me if you would like to hear for real that Val is a very special person and can truly help you get the results you want – oh and you’ll have some fun too.”

Leyla Mann (Rocket Research)


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