30mins Home Bodyweight Workout

I’m a great believer that we can all do our training whenever and wherever we can. Here is a great little workout that you can do at the comfort of your own home. Rise and Grind (not that kind of grind) Dynamic Mobility warm-up Then: Press ups on the chair or coffee table Forward Lunges Step u...


No diet, no detox: how to relearn the art of eating | Bee Wilson

Bee WilsonTue 5 Jan ‘16 05.59 GMT So many of our anxieties around diet take the form of a search for the perfect food, the one that will cure all our ills. Eat this! Don’t eat that! We obsess about the properties of various ingredients: the protein, the omega oils, the vitamins. But nutrients only c...


5 day Kettlebell Training Programme

I am a big advocator of simplicity. I believe in keeping everything as simple as possible, its true for training, eating, joy, pleasure, and all things good for my body, mind, and soul. I’m writing this as I have just finished eating my dinner which was 50g quinoa, 125g tuna, 450g spinach (fro...


10 minutes Kettlebell & Bodyweight Workout

While I wait for a client and the sun is shine it would be rude not to get some daily movement in. Here's what unmanaged in 10mins Band Pull Aparts x20 Band Shoulder dislocation x20 Band Face Pulls x20 Band Cuban Press x20 Band Paloff Press x20 per side Then: Single arm #Kettlebell Cleans x10 Si...