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Wanting to achieve abetter quality of life, is why most my clients’ train with me. With our lifestyles getting more hectic, what with a balancing of family life, kids, work, travel, holidays, it’s important to not forget yourself.

Correct exercise and nutrition is the key to having boundless energy to perform your daily tasks, having a better night sleep,  and feeling good in the clothes that you wear.
When you feel great I feel better for doing my job.


At the face of it achieving your goals, which may seem like a long way off, but with simple scientifically proven training techniques, a sustainable eating plan, support and guidance.


Training methodology will include, kettlebell metabolic conditioning, interval training, resistance training, circuit and cardiovascular training modules. I follow an undulating conjugate periodisation protocol, which in layman’s terms basically means varied structured programme. It is tailored to your own specific fitness level, preventing the body from reaching a state of the plateau and encouraging optimal fat loss.


When it comes to a nutrition plan, it’s structured to best suit you and your busy lifestyle. Following a flexible eating plan is what has helped many of my clients achieve the optimum levels of fat loss. Simply regain your body confidence, improve your health and wellbeing and re-sculpt your physique.

Step 1: Initial consultation followed assessment to establish your current base.


Step 2: Plan your programme and implement a safe and effective exercise and food plan.


Step 3: Assess your progress along the way and tweak the plan where necessary.


Step 4: Continue.

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