Strength Training
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Muscle building conjures up images of Arnold Schwarzenegger for some. Women look at this with horror and most men with admiration. However, in order to achieve the physique that you desire, strength training will come to play.


Good muscle tone and improvement in strength also helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation.  If you have ever suffered from depression or still do strength training can be a catalyst for mental strength and stability. As always you being a unique individual, you will be introduced and educated with a carefully structured programme that accommodates your current level of strength.


I will provide you with correct nutrition plan alongside strength training, which will optimally fuel your muscles for maximal strength and growth gains.

Step 1: Initial consultation followed assessment to establish your current base.


Step 2: Plan your programme and implement a safe and effective exercise and food plan.


Step 3: Assess your progress along the way and tweak the plan where necessary.


Step 4: Continue.

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