Pre & Post Natal Personal Training


If you are pregnant, planning to start a family or have recently delivered your bundle of joy, staying healthy and fit is extremely important. Pregnancy and beyond is physically and mentally demanding. I have witnessed this first hand during my wife’s pregnancy and continue to do so as our daughters grows up so quickly. It truly is one of the most precious moments for both mothers and fathers alike. Embrace all the crazy moments with the beautiful moments because they grow up so fast.

I always tell my clients not to wait until the baby is born to start exercising. Provided  you have been regularly training most of your life, then training through part of your pregnancy should be no issue. However if you are new to training and want to get  physically prepared then you will need to wait to the 2nd trimester for a safe training regime. As you are already aware there are great benefits to being healthy and fit, and greater still during pregnancy for both mother and baby, to keep both of you healthy and in shape during pregnancy and beyond.

I believe that smart and invigorating workouts tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle and fitness level will help you enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy. This in turn will help you also increase your chances of having an easier labour & delivery and a quicker postnatal recovery. Also current research continues to show that women who continue to exercise regularly throughout their pregnancies are less likely to need medical intervention during labor and delivery and experience less time in both active labor and during the pushing stage

Exercise Tips During Pregnancy

Prenatal exercise

Please note it is very important to consult your midwife or doctor before starting any pre or post-natal exercise program.

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