After hitting a particularly challenging personal and professional time of my life, where my fitness had decreased and slowly I was gaining unwanted pounds, I searched online and found Val. Having worked with a number of trainers in the past, I quickly realized I had found one of the best. Val’s professional approach, fitness knowledge and focus during sessions have helped me reduce stress, lose some weight and do more push-ups than I’ve ever been able to do in my life. He is always on time, he works around my hectic work schedule and keeps the sessions relevant to my needs. He also trains in my apartment which makes it easy to add a workout into my schedule without the hassle or costs of going to a gym.

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Val is an awesome personal trainer, not only did he help me loose body fat and build muscle he changed my mindset when it comes to food. That was one of the hardest challenges, but now I have formed great eating habits that will stay with me forever thanks to Val. His approach to training is like no other! His workouts work every muscle imaginable and push your body to the max. He makes sure you know how to do every exercise safely and correctly for maximum results. He doesn’t over complicate workouts or diet plans which is great. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has taught me!


Tough Mudder Personal Trainer Leeds The only thing I regret about Val’s personal training is I had to relocate with my job to the south UK and stop training. I knew that I was getting into the best shape of my life. After four months of training I entered a Tough Mudder competition. When I first told Val about this goal four months previously, he simply said you’ll be ready. When I finished the Tough Mudder race after some five hours, 12 miles and 24 tough obstacles, I had enough confidence to sign up for another one straight away at the finish line. What impressed me the most about Val was how he could perceive the muscle movements during my personal training sessions. I knew that he was watching the posture constantly and left me to concentrate entirely on giving everything during the exercise. It was sense of safety which I never had in gyms. There was a time too, when I was sitting at this website, trying to justify the price of a personal trainer. But I remembered a quote that floats across my mind from time to time. “If you always do what you’ve always done, You’ll always get what you’ve always got” The sad part was I had a membership to a gym, which I didn’t even use. I think this was the hardest part. Admitting to myself that what I had tried before had never worked. I booked the training. I still remember the first session. I almost fainted from the exercises. It was the longest hour. But four months later I was lifting two 16Kilo kettlebells regularly, completed a Tough Mudder run, and upped my game professionally, which led to a promotion. It was the best start to any year I ever had. No bullshit, Val (Rawfit) is worth it and more. I trained twice a week with Val. Believe it or not, at 4.30am on a Monday and Friday morning. No Lie. A lot of people used to chuckle to themselves whenever it was mentioned. I would get the usual “that’s crazy” “or “I could never do that, I’m not a morning person” But the truth was, it didn’t matter what time of the day we trained at. The only thing that mattered was the progress I made, which was phenomenal. It was the best training I’ve completed/endured/pushed through. It became a very personal journey of just how far I could keep going, of discovery where my limits were. Something I never experienced before. The bottom line here is this, if you want to achieve and I mean to reach a goal that is meaningful/life changing in a way. Then Val will get you there.

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Life rushes by at breakneck speed, and before we have realised it, we have missed so many opportunities to improve our well-being, general fitness and agility. We set goals and aspirations for many areas of our life but the one area we always plan to address is de-scoped or put on the back burner until something happens that is quite significant, and then it becomes priority number one! _ TRAINING SESSIONS _ The first session (January 2016) was amazing, very creative, very raw and stimulating and I found I was actually stronger than I initially thought despite moving my body into positions that was alien to me. Over the next two/three days the DOM’s hit seriously hard and I found this quite a challenge to overcome but, I decided that it could not get any worse and this just made me more determined to continue, and to demonstrate progress and push forward. _ Since day one – we have continued to work together twice a week and I have continued to develop both in terms of physical confidence and ability. The sessions are planned meticulously with a variety of challenges, you never quite know what is coming next which is interesting and exciting and this keeps you motivated. I wanted to work with a trainer who was more hard core and raw in his techniques rather than a personal trainer in a pretty gym with all that seriously boring equipment. At the beginning of my training journey, I remember having a complete disconnect with my core and whilst I really did try to maintain a plank position, 3/5 seconds was my limit if that. I just found it such a challenge, and I was rather frustrated that this pathetic body could not hold its own. Despite this, Val adapted the position to minimise my range of movement, however I still struggled, and I cannot begin to explain how hard it was – my body just did not get it. Irrespective of how disappointed I was in myself this just made me more determined and now I can hold a plank position (a proper one) without flinching for 2 minutes. _ RESULTS _ In terms of results, my weight loss at present is 16 lbs the bulk of which I lost in the first six weeks. My body fat percentage and body mass has decreased, and lean muscle mass is kicking in hence I am toning, which will help me to achieve my physical goal. The weight loss in inches has been quite significant within 12 weeks and if someone had sat me down and walked me through the possibilities and the results I could achieve in a short period of time, I would have struggled to believe them. Mentally, physically and emotionally I feel stronger, and that in itself is quite a powerful and serious motivator. _ FOOD MENU _ It helped enormously to plan my food menu each week so I had a clear understanding of how I was going to fuel my body each week, and whilst de- scoping cafe/tea for 4 weeks was hard I was determined to stick to it, and avoid the visit to Starbucks. I have also experimented with new recipes with great success. _ VALENTINE RAWAT _ Val is the height of professionalism and remains committed to realising my personal goals, it is great to be able to undertake a range of movements with absolute precision. I would rather undertake a range of movements “right” every time under close supervision rather than a range of movements with “no” close supervision, which may result in injury, or no physical changes in my shape and ultimately result in me feeling more de-motivated than I did on day one. _ GOING FORWARD _ My plan for 2016/2017 , is to be fit for life and be the best example of who I am – is there anything wrong with that? It is a lifestyle change, a mind-set change and a shift in attitude, with a significant change in my behaviour on a daily basis. It all embraces the key learning principals from Val. Right now – I simply cannot thank him enough.