2.Think FIBER, not carbs.

3. Eat some protein with every meal, aiming approximately 1 gram/pound of body weight.

4. DRINK about 300ml/half a pint of WATER for every 1000 calories you eat.

5. Keep fat under 30% of calories consumed; this amount typically come food that you naturally eat, rather than adding fat to foods. That is unnecessary and adding fats are typically not healthy.

6. Drink unsweetened green tea throughout the day – aim for at least 3 cups each day.

7. Have at least 1 fruit/or vegetable at every single meal, with the goal of-13 servings totals each day.

8. Get a few grams of fish oil each day, either through fish and/or supplements.

9. DO NOT SKIP A MEAL with the intention of “saving calories”.

10. Record what you eat and drink – self monitoring is crucial for success.

11. Do not have an all or nothing attitude towards food if you can get 90% of your intake to meet the guidelines listed above, you’ll succeed.

12. EAT SMALLER MEALS throughout the day, never skip a meal to “save calories”, as this will likely lead to overeating.

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