12 Reasons to Develop a Regular Eating Routine

Food is everywhere: From the petrol station to the cinema and shopping centers, from the vending machine in your local gyms to the microwave chips in your freezer at home. Without a regular eating routine, it can be hard to resist temptation.

Grazing can lead to overeating: Without an eating routine, it’s easy to graze on whatever food you find. Many people keep picking at food without ever feeling satisfied.

Skipping meals can lead to overeating: Trying to eat less by skipping breakfast or lunch often backfires, and you end up eating more calories in snacks and dinner.

Getting over-hungry can lead to overeating: When you are really hungry, it is hard to make healthy choices. It’s also hard to eat slowly and to stop when you are satisfied.

Mindless eating can lead to overeating: It’s also hard to make healthy choices and to stop eating when you are Television can lead to over eating, Healthy eating, Fat loss leeds, Personal trainer leeds, weight loss leeds, weight watchers, sliming world, personal training leedsdoing other things, like driving, reading and watching TV.

Television can lead to overeating: TV advertisements and shows are full of food cues that make you want to eat whether you are hungry or not.

Routines help maintain a healthy weight: Establishing regular times and places to eat helps prevent overeating and helps you balance your eating with your activity level.

Routines help build healthy habits: Develop a routine of cutting up fruit after dinner for a naturally sweet dessert.

Routines help with planning and shopping: When you eat regular meals and snacks, it is easier to plan healthy choices and easier to make shopping lists.

Routines help save money: Buying food on impulse is usually more expensive. It’s much cheaper to plan ahead and have healthy choices around when you want to eat.

Children do better with a regular eating routine: Regular meals and snacks help children maintain the ability to eat when hungry and stop when satisfied.

Different routines work better for different people: Some people feel better with three meals and a snack; others prefer five smaller meals. Choose the best routine for you!

Choose wisely and plan ahead.

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