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There are many things that baffle me about the fitness, strength and diet, but the one thing on top of the list is how the media, marketing giants, fitness industry has convinced us that there is different exercises for men and women.

There is NO SUCH THING as a “female” or “male” exercise. It does not exist. There isn’t a single exercise men can do that women shouldn’t. And there isn’t a single exercise women should do that men shouldn’t.

Now if you want to pick some heavy ass kettlebell up and swing that shit up! Then woman or man, doesn’t matter. I have male clients who swing well 16-24kg and female clients who can easily match them.

Pull-ups and Press-ups! There is not girly way or manly way of doing them, there is only one way. Yes, you may have to start with a variation until you can perform it to the full range of motion or what may be deemed to perfection and with good form, but its okay to digress a little until you build up the strength. All my female and male clients start with doing press-ups in the same manner and instead of pull-ups I have do some inverted rows until they all build up appropriate strength to perform the most awesome bodyweight exercise to any man or woman.

Moral of the story is that anyone who tells you not to do a X exercise or Y workout because you’re the “wrong” gender may require a friendly right punch otherwise know as a cross. Now women and box as well. So next time someone tells you that you cannot just simply, smile politely, then keep on doing what works for YOU because that’s what matters most.

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