Good Food Choice Bad Food Choice
Whole, natural foods Processed foods (containing added sugar, trans-fats, etc.)
Fiber-rich snacks, such as Almonds Processed foods (containing added sugar, trans-fats, etc.)
Nuts/Almonds Chips, cookies, treats, brownies, donuts, pretzels, etc.
Fruit Soda, juice, candy, etc.
Vegetables French fries; Any deep-fried side dish or appetizer
Extra serving of vegetables Extra serving of starchy carbohydrates
Lean protein Fatty cuts of meat; fried meats; high-sodium lunch meats
Low-fat dairy High-fat, high-sugar dairy; milkshakes, ice cream, etc.
Green Tea Coffee, soft drinks, sweetened beverages
Water, Sparkling Water Coffee, soft drinks, sweetened beverages
Unsweetened Iced Tea Coffee, soft drinks, sweetened beverages
Raw Vegetables Bread with butter
Lean Stir-fry; Steamed vegetables and meat Chinese/Asian food (battered)
Grilled; baked; broiled meat Battered; Deep fried meat
Oatmeal Donuts, croissants; pastries; high-sugar cereals
Yogurt (low-sugar) Ice cream; Yogurt with sugar added
Natural, sugar-free products (unsweetened pasta sauce) Sweetened products (i.e. sweetened pasta sauce)

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