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Birthday Gift to Myself

Men stop comparing yourself to 20 year old lads in their prime and injury free. Ladies stop comparing yourself to 20 year old girls who are not all together that confident about the life they live in.

Be the best you can with who you are right now. You are here for a lifetime.

I write this as I turn 38 today. I’m not as fit as I used to be. I am not as henched as I used to be. My left knee hurts a lot in the winter from all the heavy squats I’ve done over the years and still continue to do, along with all the cross country running and martial arts training. Its especially worse now after I twisted it while snowboarding a month back. But alas life continues. Im not here to complain but here to celebrate what life has taught me to this day.

Life has truly been a lesson. I don’t mean to sound a cliche but that is the simple fact. I have had great teachers along the way to whom Im forever thankful. These teachers come in forms of my father, mother, friends and enemies. I have learned that patience is our greatest gift along with kindness and caring from others as well yourself. Remember all that you want to achieve require a little patience (I’m sure there is a song by Take That along the same lines).

However the things that has always held me back in training,  business and in life is comparing myself to others. I do not always look at what others do but instead just focus on what I am doing to the best of my ability. Sometimes though I get strayed and compare myself to others success, especially on social media. Generally a slap in the face and some press-ups are a sure cure for that. We are not perfect, none of us are. But what we are a unique self and so not so unique at the same time. We have to take all the lessons that we have learnt and live in the present while moving forward. Chin tucked in; Guard up and fight till your last breath. You are born to survive and flourish. That is how and why you were born. But remember to always be kind to others if they need that.

While I’m at it do not believe your own bullshit when you are on a negative state of being. I’ve been there plenty. Remember you are still powerful beyond measure and still f’ing awesome. You have to believe that. Its when you are the lowest or in the darkest place that self belief is especially important.

So on my birthday I present myself with the usual remedy of pain. There is no room for self pity here today. Its a day of celebration. I am 38 and still alive and breathing. I have a beautiful family whom I love and they love me in return. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Here is my gift to me:

Full Dynamic Mobility Warm up
Speed Ladder work 3×2 minutes continuos rest x1 minute
Side to side
In outs
Quick feet
Sideways in outs
Change of direction and leading leg each time.
Treadmill work
3x25s @10% Gradient 1st 9km/hr, 8km/hr, 7km/hr Speed along with
12x Suspended Inverted Rows
12x Close Grip Pressups
Minimal rest
3 rounds in total of the above
Biceps curls x12 barbell 30kg
Triceps dips x12
3 rounds
30kg Barbell AB Rollouts to failure

Sprint work

Sprint work

author: Valentine

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