Ten Ways To Get Your Diet Up On Track

START NOW by recommitting today DRINK WATER like it’s your job, fuck it make it your passion PLAN each meal EAT don’t make up for over eating by NOT eating REVISIT your food diary and repeat that good week REMIND yourself of how far you’ve come why you started in the first place MO...


Daddy’s Workout

I am a father of a beautiful 6 month old daughter. She has been a true joy from the moment she was born. But one thing that I am sure all fathers can agree on, is it hits you like a ton of bricks. Even if you think you are ready for it, you never really are. Look at this post for example, I have bee...


Kettlebell Fat Busting Workout

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Partner work: P1: Snatches (30secs per arm) P2: High Knees 60seconds work the swap. Once both partners have completed both exercises then 60seconds rest. Complete 3 rounds Then: P1: Cleans (swap arm after 30secs or perform using double KB) P2: Sprinter Lunges 60seconds work...


Is Exercise More About “Calories In” Than “Calories Out”?

Is Exercise More About “Calories In” Than “Calories Out”? Most people believe that it is somehow possible to create a sustainable caloric deficit by burning calories through exercise.This is why treadmills and exercise bikes display calories and many folks obsess about burning those “extra calories”...


Training Programme of the Week

This workout will get your juices flowing. It is sure to get the sweat on and get you into shape. With your perseverance YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL. Start with a good dynamic mobility warm-up. As an example click here for a video. Should take you approximately 5 minutes. Then a quick little circuit:...