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Which is the best diet in the world? 

All of them and none of them. Did that confuse you? Well it was meant to, just like the whole diet industry.

I’m not going to say the cliche phrase, ‘diets don’t work’, oops I guess I just did. Well they don’t. They really don’t. Most diet books have an agenda that they are trying to sell. More books generally. Publishing houses will only do deals with those authors that can produce three volumes of same books to maximise on sales. They all pry on our vulnerability by using sensational titles much like this post.

“The All New…” “New and Improved…” “Revolution…” Bullshit… its all bullshit.

Now most diets books will have a some good in them but the rest is just bum fluff. Most books ideas and concept can be written in a single page. I bet you don’t even read the whole book. I bet you that all you look for is the that damn quick fixes. You may use the one or two boring recipes in them, if only for a little while.

Here is what I propose. Buy a great cook book by a chef that you like. I personally love the LEON cook books but also have few of Jamie Oliver’s books. Use what works for you and your family. If you can’t cook, then find a evening or weekend course in cooking. Learn the basics and then experiment with it on the weekends. Find easy recipes for the weekdays that is quick tasty and easy enough to do, as you do not want to be faffing around with some fancy recipe at 6/7pm in the evening after work or after having just put your kids to bed.

Here is one my easy weekday evening dinner recipe’s:

Quinoa Kale Bean Pesto (thats really it)


30/50g of Quinoa

80/100g of Kale

1 tin (approx. 200g) of Flageolet or Aduki beans

2 table spoon of Pesto (your own home made or straight off the jar. For ease sake today we will use a jar version. I use a vegetarian version.)

1 tea spoon of coconut

1/2 tea spoon of chilli flakes

How to:

Boil the quinoa for approx. 10mins. In the mean time remove any large stokes from the kale and lightly fry over coconut oil. Then add the pesto and chilli flakes. Drain the quinoa and add to the mix of beans and kale. And there you have it.

I am a vegetarian so I choose beans as a form of protein, but if you wanted you could quiet simply add fish (tin or smoked), chicken thigh or some other meat instead of beans. Get the best quality meat from your local butchers where possible. If you are not too keen on Kale then perhaps broccoli or peas or anything else that you may like. If the flavours don’t work this time round then try something else the next time. Food and flavours are are about experimentation. Home Made Pesto

If you saying fuck it I cant cook, wont cook, then your goals are forever doomed. Thats is as simple as that. If you cannot be bordered to do something as simple as cook your own food, then no amount of dieting and counting calories on the back of the weight watches pizza or slimmers world bottle of wine, is going to help. Because you are refusing to understand the most fundamental thing. YOU NEED TO COOK YOUR OWN GOD DAMN FOOD AT HOME. Stop eating microwave meals while watching Jamie Oliver 15 minutes meal on Channel 4. While the authors and publishing houses and the diet industry as a whole are after your heard earned cash, you as an individual have to take ownership of your own actions. Diet industry is only as successful as your ignorance basic understanding of food and how to cook some delicious food at home. I mean the last diet book you read would have informed you of some of those simple facts. As I said there is some good in it. But the real lasting answers to your health and weight loss goals boils down to your ability to cook. It really really does. Once you have mastered that you are truly on your way to becoming a whole lot healthier.

author: Valentine

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