Ten Ways To Get Your Diet Up On Track

START NOW by recommitting today DRINK WATER like it’s your job, fuck it make it your passion PLAN each meal EAT don’t make up for over eating by NOT eating REVISIT your food diary and repeat that good week REMIND yourself of how far you’ve come why you started in the first place MO...


Daddy’s Workout

I am a father of a beautiful 6 month old daughter. She has been a true joy from the moment she was born. But one thing that I am sure all fathers can agree on, is it hits you like a ton of bricks. Even if you think you are ready for it, you never really are. Look at this post for example, I have bee...


New Year New YOU!

Bring on the new year and the new you. Sometime we all just need a fresh start and why not the 1st day of the year. Time for you to get back on track for good. And this time next year you do not want to be wishing for the same thing but a new thing. Give me 3 months of your all and see what can be a...


Jack’s Weight and Fat Loss Sucess

Name: Jack Weight before show: 28st 8lbs Metabolic age: 39 Actual age: 25 At 25, Jack could be the poster boy for today’s obesity epidemic.  Instead of enjoying young, single life he’s been living in his bedroom, addicted to computer games and sweets. At 6ft 5in, Jack’s always been...