Rules to Eat By

By Michael Pollan Every trip to the supermarket these days requires us to navigate what has become a truly treacherous food landscape. I mean, what are we to make of a wonder of food science like the new Splenda with fiber? (“The great sweet taste you want and a little boost of fiber.”) Should we ca...


Training Programme of the Week

This workout will get your juices flowing. It is sure to get the sweat on and get you into shape. With your perseverance YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL. Start with a good dynamic mobility warm-up. As an example click here for a video. Should take you approximately 5 minutes. Then a quick little circuit:...


Correct Breathing

Correct Breathing is the Base for a Healthier Life Life starts and ends by taking a breath and it is obvious that we should fill out lives with good breathing habits. Our bodies needs a lot of oxygen to function properly and to help discard waste products like carbon monoxide. Every cell in our body...