Ten Ways To Get Your Diet Up On Track

START NOW by recommitting today DRINK WATER like it’s your job, fuck it make it your passion PLAN each meal EAT don’t make up for over eating by NOT eating REVISIT your food diary and repeat that good week REMIND yourself of how far you’ve come why you started in the first place MO...


I Shape Me

Most important person is YOU. Without you nothing else really matters. This is not a shellfish thought, at the end of the day if you do not love and take care of yourself who will. If your plate is empty what can you offer someone else. Do not wait for others to make you happy; JUST BE HAPPY. When i...


Is Exercise More About “Calories In” Than “Calories Out”?

Is Exercise More About “Calories In” Than “Calories Out”? Most people believe that it is somehow possible to create a sustainable caloric deficit by burning calories through exercise.This is why treadmills and exercise bikes display calories and many folks obsess about burning those “extra calories”...


Yoga for Students

It’s the hot trend, it has come a while back and decided to stick around: you’ve heard Madonna talk about it in her quasi-cockney accent; you’ve seen Sting recite his lines while in a handstand or some other wonderful bend. Aside from which, your coffee and pro-plus addiction is in...


Modern Guide To Health

This may be a old video but, ask yourself is true at this present? Watch out for your posture at work. Here is how: Do take time to relax. Okay so you cannot be at the beach on a hammock, but do still take time out from the world. ME time. Go on you deserve it.