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This workout will get your juices flowing. It is sure to get the sweat on and get you into shape. With your perseverance YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.
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Start with a good dynamic mobility warm-up. As an example click here for a video. Should take you approximately 5 minutes.
Then a quick little circuit:
10x Double handed Kettlebell Swings
10x Single handed Kettlebell Swings (Left and then Right)
10x Press-ups (doing these on your knees are okay with me)
10x Lunges (again 10 on both left and right)
10x Crunches
Just complete as many sets as possible in 20 minutes.
Cool down gently moving to lower your heart rate and then stretch.

You can do this workout 3/4 times a week. This is a great fat busting and toning workout for both men and women. Best of all it is only 30 minutes long from start to finish.

Remember, what you eat is very very important. If fat loss and weight loss is your goal then here are 12 simple rules to follow.

Enjoy this workout and leave your comments below. If you have any questions then email me direct on

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