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Collecting Footsteps

I have a simple proposal for today when it comes to physical activity. Get out side and collect footsteps.

Take it easy nothing too strenuous. Just keep collecting them steps. As you do, you will feel how your body responds to it. You will observe that your body will become efficient collecting these steps. In time take faster steps. Then when you can’t go any faster pick another movement and practice that.

Don’t worry about the seasons so much. Pay no attention to six pack abs for the summer or the beach bikini body that those magazines have promised you. You are not alive just till this summer or the next. NO.. You have a life time ahead of you. So make that choice to get outside today. Its the first step of many in the right direction. Who know where it will lead. But I can guarantee you that if will lead more physical freedom that you ultimately crave.

Make it happen. Make it good. Create those choices. Be patient.

I know these are just words and only you can make it happen. So go ahead and get outside. IMG_0624

author: Valentine

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