Planning An Exercise Programme

Wh?n d???gn?ng an aerobic ?r ?tr?ngth training ?x?r???? ?r?gr?mme, fitness ?r?f?????n?l?, such as ??r??n?l trainers and g?m ?n?tru?t?r?, ?nv?r??bl? u?? the Frequency-Interval principle ?? th??r ?t?rt?ng ???nt. Th? g??d n?w? ?? th?t w?th a l?ttl? b?t ?f kn?wl?dg? ?n??n? ??n u?? th?? ?r?n???l? ?n designing an ?x?r???? ?r?gr?m th?t w?ll h?l? th?m to become progressively f?tt?r and ?tr?ng?r, ?nd h?l? them l??? ?r ??ntr?l th??r weight.

If you w?nt to ?t?rt ?n exercise program or take ??ur current r?ut?n? to the n?xt l?v?l, ??u’ll find the ?nf?rm?t??n ?nd tips ?n th?? article ju?t wh?t ??u n??d.

What ?? th? Frequency-Interval Pr?n???l??

Th? Frequency-Interval ?r?n???l? is a b???? ?h?l????h? ?f what is n??????r? t? g??n a training affect fr?m an ?x?r???? ?r?gr?m.

S????f???ll?, th? l?tt?r? Frequency-Interval ?t?nd for:





H?r?’? what each ?f th??? four th?ng? ?t?nd f?r:

Frequency r?f?r? to th? numb?r ?f t?m?? ??u ?x?r????. F?r those n?w t? tr??n?ng or those ju?t wanting t? l??? w??ght, frequency is usually ??l?ul?t?d w?th?n th? ??nt?xt of a w??k. F?r ?x?m?l?, your ?l?n m?ght be t? walk 3, 4 ?r 5 t?m?? per w??k.

Intensity ?? th? l?v?l of ?ff?rt you ?ut ?nt? each ?x?r????. For aerobic ?x?r????? ?nt?n??t? is u?u?ll? measured ?n terms relative to ??ur maximum h??rt r?t? wh?l? th? intensity ?f ?tr?ngth ?x?r????? is measured ?n terms ?f th? ?m?unt of w??ght ??u u??, the numb?r ?f repetitions ?nd ??t? ??u perform, ?nd th? amount ?f r??t t?m? ??u t?k? ?n between sets.

T?m? is simply h?w l?ng you ?x?r???? dur?ng each ??????n. For example, 30 m?nut?? ?f ??r?b?? exercise (walking, jogging, ???l?ng, etc) ??r ??????n.

T??? r?f?r? to wh?th?r ??u d? aerobics or ?tr?ngth tr??n?ng during ??ur ?x?r???? ??????n? ?nd the ?????f?? exercises ??u ??l??t for each.

The Frequency-Interval ?r?n???l? ?nd Weight L???

Wh? ?r? th? b???? Frequency-Interval principle concepts ?m??rt?nt if you ?r? ?l?nn?ng an ?x?r???? program t? l??? weight?

Th??’r? ?m??rt?nt b???u?? th?? help ??u t?:

Start with the right ?x?r????? ?nd intensity.

M???ur? ??ur ?r?gr???.

Plan ??ur exercise to maximize l?ng t?rm w??ght loss.

U??ng the Frequency-Interval ?r?n???l? ??n’t ju?t important ?n ??ur ?n?t??l exercise ?l?nn?ng, it ?? ?l?? crucial t? your l?ng t?rm ?l?nn?ng ?nd weight loss and f?tn??? success.

B? ?n?r????ng or v?r??ng ?n? ?r ?ll ??rt? of th? Frequency-Interval ?r?n???l? elements, you can:

1. Increase the number of ??l?r??? you burn during ???h ?x?r???? ??????n.

2. Im?r?v? ??ur ??rd??v???ul?r fitness ?nd strength.

3. H?l? m?n?m?z? overuse/over tr??n?ng ?njur???.

4. Build variety ?nt? ??ur program.

Frequency-Interval Principle Gu?d?l?n??

H?r? ?r? ??m? basic Frequency-Interval ?r?n???l? gu?d?l?n?? f?r both ??r?b??? ?nd ?tr?ngth tr??n?ng to h?l? you ?l?n ?n ?x?r???? ?r?gr?m.

Pl???? keep in m?nd that th??? ?x?m?l?? represent general gu?d?l?n?? ?nl? f?r th??? of us with l?w to m?d?r?t? fitness l?v?l?. U?? th??? gu?d?l?n?? t? ??t?bl??h a ?r?gr?m ?nd th?n customize your program t? f?t ??ur ?????f?? n??d? and g??l? ?? ??ur ?x??r??n?? and kn?wl?dg? increases.

And r?m?mb?r t? always consult ??ur doctor b?f?r? ??mm?n??ng ?n? n?w exercise program ?nd ??n?ult a f?tn??? professional (??r??n?l f?tn??? trainer, gym ?n?tru?t?r, ?t?) if you r??u?r? help.

B???? A?r?b?? Tr??n?ng Guidelines

Fr??u?n??: Exercise between 3 ?nd 5 t?m?? ??r w??k.

Int?n??t?: M??nt??n a h??rt r?t? ?f b?tw??n 60 – 80% of ??ur M?x?mum Heart R?t?.

Your Maximum Heart Rate ??n b? calculated u??ng a M?x?mum xanaxonlinebuy H??rt R?t? t??t conducted b? a fitness ?r h??lth ?r?f?????n?l ?r estimated using th? formula:

F?r Women (230 – Ag? = M?x?mum H??rt Rate).

F?r M?n (220 – Age = M?x?mum H??rt R?t?).

Th? b??t and most practical w?? to m?n?t?r your h??rt r?t? ?? with a heart r?t? monitor.

Time: Th??? ?f u? with l?w l?v?l? ?f f?tn??? should maintain ?ur heart rates ?n our ??l??t?d t?rg?t zone f?r a m?n?mum of 15 t? 20 m?nut??, ?x?lud?ng w?rm-u? ?nd ???l d?wn ??r??d?.

Th??? w?th a good f?tn??? base should ?x?r???? f?r between 20 ?nd 60 m?nut?? ?n their t?rg?t heart r?t? z?n?.

T???: Ex?r????? th?t involve ?? m?n? muscles ?? possible ?nd ?ll?w a r?l?t?v?l? ??n???t?nt level ?f ?nt?n??t? are b??t. Good ?x?m?l?? ?f th??? include:







Planning an Exercise ProgrammeBasic Str?ngth Training Guidelines

Fr??u?n??: Exercise ???h b?d? part 1 t? 2 t?m?? ??r w??k. F?r lower ?nt?n??t? workouts ?r for th??? wh? h?v? trained f?r some t?m?, try ?x?r????ng ???h b?d? ??rt 2 to 3 t?m?? ??r w??k. Y?u ??n exercise d?ff?r?nt ??rt? ?f th? b?d? ?n different d??? (??ll?d split r?ut?n??) ?r you can tr??n your wh?l? b?d? at each w?rk?ut.

Int?n??t?: Ch???? a w??ght th?t can be performed 10 to 15 times (r???t?t??n?) per set.

Wh?n you ??n ??rf?rm more th?n 15 repetitions w?th?ut r??t, ?n?r???? the weight ?l?ghtl? for ??ur n?xt workout.

If you are tr??n?ng ??ur whole b?d? ???h t?m? you exercise, ?nl? d? 1-2 exercises f?r ???h muscle group ?nd ??rf?rm 1-3 ??t? ?f each exercise.

If you employ a ??l?t r?ut?n? try ??rf?rm?ng n? m?r? than 2-3 ?x?r????? ??r mu??l? group and 2-4 ??t? of ???h ?x?r????.

T?m?: B?g?nn?r? u?u?ll? benefit fr?m ?x?r???? ??????n? that l??t b?tw??n 30 to 45 minutes. A? ??u become fitter ?nd ?tr?ng?r, ??u m?? w?nt to increase your t?t?l workouts fr?m 45 t? 90 minutes. For most ?f us, ??rt??ul?rl? those w?th l?m?t?d time, ??????n? ?f 60 m?nut?? ?r? t?????ll? ?d??l.

With r??t b?tw??n ??t?, tr? n?t t? t?k? l?ng?r th?n 2-3 minutes as a b?g?nn?r. As you g?t f?tt?r, tr? t? r?du?? th?? t?m? t? 1 m?nut? ?r l???.

T???: G?n?r?ll? speaking, th?r? ?r? tw? types ?f exercises f?r mu??l??, compound ?x?r????? ?nd ???l?t??n exercises.

Compound ?x?r????? u?? m?r? th?n ?n? mu??l? gr?u? to ??rf?rm ?nd are the m??t ?ff??t?v? for th??? interested ?n l???ng w??ght. Ex?m?l?? ?f compound ?x?r????? ?n?lud? B?n?h press, Push-ups, S?u?t?, Sh?uld?r press and Deadlifts.

Isolation ?x?r????? u?? ?nl? one muscle gr?u? to perform ?nd ?n?lud? B???? curls, Tr???? ?xt?n???n?, L?g ?xt?n???n?, ?t?.

F?r th??? n?w t? r????t?n?? tr??n?ng, compound ?x?r????? ?r? b??t. Once ??u h?v? a b??? level ?f ?tr?ngth ??u can add ???l?t??n ?x?r????? t? your w?rk?ut? f?r v?r??t? ?nd t? h?l? shape individual muscles.


No matter what ??ur goal, current f?tn??? l?v?l ?r ?x?r???? experience, ??u ??n employ th? Frequency-Interval ?r?n???l? t? ?l?n ?n ?ff??t?v? l?ng t?rm exercise program.

By u??ng the gu?d?l?n?? ?b?v?, you t?? ??n ?l?n an ?ff??t?v? r?g?m? th?t will help you to ?m?r?v? ??ur cardiovascular fitness, strength, fl?x?b?l?t? ?nd ?f ??ur?? help ??u lose weight.

U??ng th? Frequency-Interval ?r?n???l? ?n ??ur exercise ?l?nn?ng w?ll ?n?ur? that ??u ??h??v? ??ur w??ght loss g??l? ?? ?ff????ntl? ?? ?????bl?. N?t ?nl? w?ll ??u achieve your g??l? ?n th? ?h?rt??t ?????bl? t?m?, ??u’ll also ?nj?? ??ur r?ut?n? m?r? because ?f the variety built ?nt? ?t. If th?t w?r?n’t ?n?ugh, you’ll also m?n?m?z? the ?h?n??? ?f ?x??r??n??ng ?nn???ng ?nd ???nful overtraining injuries th?t can ?t?ll or ?t?? ??ur weight loss ?nd fitness ?r?gr???.

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