I approach and think things differently. You will receive simple proven training protocols, positive affirmation, empathy and encouragement, throughout your fitness journey.


Each one of us has a different genetic signature, health, physical and athletic goals, upbringing, and training history. You will be guided through a simple eating plan to best suit your and achieve your goals.


Motivation is what gets you here. Habit is what keeps you going. I will help you forge a habit that in turn will define your character.

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As a Weight Loss Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist I will strive to guide you towards achieving your personal fitness goals in safe and in an immediate fashion while educating your on the best approaches to lead a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

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Val is an awesome personal trainer, not only did he help me loose body fat and build muscle he changed my mindset when it comes to food.

- Tamara Gill

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You do not have to make compromises about what clothes you can and cannot buy. Your body feels firm. You have energy for all that the day throws at you. You are feeling vibrant and healthy. You are inspiring those around you with your magnetism and enthusiasm for life. Your work colleagues notice your positive change, your friends compliment you on your appearance and your hairdresser is asking you for your secret. More importantly, you actually feel fantastic! You can keep up with your kids in the park. No physical endeavour feels like it’s beyond you. Basically, you are the very picture of health and well-being. A perfect physique; one that is healthy and full of vitality, with a positive energetic mind which belongs to you. It is rid of all diseases, unnecessary exhaustions and fatigues that the modern lifestyle delivers to us on a daily basis.


Unfortunately, most of the people today have anything but what is being described above. This is because everything has become so advanced and convenient that even daily baseline activities do not require any effort, which doesn’t provide us the proper exercise which we need. Problems like obesity, headaches, sore muscles, allergies, joint and back aches are common nowadays but does that mean you or anyone else should be this way? Is this unhealthy lifestyle permanent? Fortunately, the answer is no. Anyone can change how their body looks and become healthy if they want to. It does not have to be this Way You are meant to be fit, healthy and well. Sometimes we all make wrong choices, which have created bad habits based on poor information that is provided to us in magazines and media as a whole. All this can manifest into an internally created environment both mentally and physically, that can make lifelong health and fitness impossible.


Valentine Rawat is one of the top fitness professionals in all of the UK. He was one of the official trainers on UK Obese: Year to Save My Life and Fat:The Fight of My Life, featuring on Sky1 and Sky Living. Valentine can be your personal trainer, motivator, and the choice to a healthier lifestyle and you. Valentine Rawat Personal Training in Leeds, Harrogate and Wetherby is dedicated to health, fitness, and a world where being healthy is a norm rather than the opposite. He will offer the most up to date information regarding how one can become healthy and provide you with a set goal to reach. He will provide one to one personal training and/or group personal training, as well as a nutrition plan for optimum health along  with fat loss and weight management.


He has helped many men and women reach their fitness goals permanently, meaning the results of this service are not only certain but also long lasting. What’s being offered is not just a service regarding training and nutrition, but instead every client will be shown how a simple shift in lifestyle which revolves around both health and wellbeing can be for life. Utilising what represents the cutting edge in psychology, nutrition, exercise and holistic therapy, to deliver outstanding results to hundreds of men and women who had previously been unable to achieve their goals via traditional personal training or gym-based methods. Its a personal touch. Valentine Rawat is not like your average personal trainer/personal training service. He actually goes deeper and focuses on other aspects of health as well such as psychology, diet plans, regular exercise, injury prevention, meditation and stress management. This ensures that all the results his clients manage are long lasting. Many of the diseases that occur nowadays are preventable, if one just knows how to take care of his or her body and health.


Most of his current clients are men and women between the ages of 21-60 all hoping to achieve a better body full of vitality. He  is  in no way limited to a particular age group or gender. Anyone can become healthy and Valentine can help you, if you are  willing to make the change for the better. Whether you are single or married, parent or a young at heart grandparent, it does not matter – he helps everyone out in the same dedicated fashion. Wherever you are, his service comes to you  or a locality near you, so you can have Valentine as your personal trainer in Wetherby, Harrogate, or Leeds, whichever. Ultimately his goal is to educate all his clients and to empower them to achieve their goals through a combination of fitness, nutrition and a positive mindset. Be it one to one personal training or group training with a nutrition therapy programme. Valentine  is not hear to break you or beast you till you cry, anyone can do that. He is here to empower you and show you the extraordinary things you can capable of  achieving . Now not  everyone can do that.

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